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Adjutant General for the State of Vermont

Major General CrayMAJOR GENERAL Steven Cray
It is an honor to have served in the Vermont National Guard for over 30 years and to now continue to serve as your Adjutant General. The Green Mountain boys have a legacy of setting a high standard and I call on all of you to continue to honor that legacy. The trust bestowed upon me in the position as the Adjutant General by the State and by all of Vermont's sons and daughters who wear our nation's uniform is a privilege that I take to heart.
My vision for the Vermont National Guard centers around soldiers and airmen surrounded by strong families and a grateful community. I believe our foundation is the Soldiers and Airmen who have volunteered to serve our country and state. I am and will continue to be an effective advocate at the national level to gain the resources and equipment we need to support our people and our missions. A ready, reliable and relevant VTNG will be there when duty calls.
As we move to the future in these uncertain times, we must concern ourselves with the things that we can control and work through the things we can't. We can control our dedication to our core values and we can control how well we take care of each other and our families. Again, I am honored to be your Adjutant General and pledge to do my very best as I serve in the ranks of the finest soldiers and airmen.
As I assume my duties I look forward to getting out and seeing many of our locations around the state as well as meeting with soldiers and airmen and listening to their thoughts about the future of our great organization.

State Command Sergeant Major

State Command Sergeant MajorCommand Sergeant Major Forest T. GlodgettCommand Sergeant Major Forest T. Glodgett was selected as the Command Sergeant Major of the Vermont National Guard on February 1, 2011.
In his current position, Command Sergeant Major Glodgett represents and advises The Adjutant General of Vermont on matters pertaining to Army National Guard policies and actions that affect enlisted Soldiers of the Army and Air National Guard. Command Sergeant Major Glodgett provides critical input and guidance for the Vermont National Guard through meetings, conferences, information gathering and field observation. He coordinates with the Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard and Major Army Commands; serves on various service councils and boards at the a state and national level. Command Sergeant Major Glodgett is also responsible for NCO development with State Partnership Programs in Macedonia and Senegal. ...Click for more..
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