Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program (SAPRP)

In accordance with Department of Defense Policy, the Vermont National Guard has established a Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program . The JFHQ Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) serves as the single point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim care from an initial report of sexual assault, through disposition and resolution of issues related to the victim's health and well-being. Through contacting the SARC office, victims of sexual assault may choose to have a trained Victim Advocate assist them in a confidential manner.

If You Have Just Been Sexually Assaulted or are in IMMEDIATE DANGER:

Call 911

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  • Sexual Assault is NEVER the fault of the victim.
  • You are not to blame for what another person has done to you.
  • Immediate medical care is essential.
  • Timely reports may help give you peace of mind and prevent other crimes.
  • Do not shower or change you clothes before going to the hospital, in order to help preserve evidence.
  • You are not alone. People are here to help.
  • We are committed to helping you and your family members in the most sensitive and private way possible.
  • No one responds to sexual assault in the same way.
  • There are a wide range of emotions and feelings that may arise.
  • The SARC/Victim Advocate can help put you in touch with all the resources and assistance available to you.
  • Healing is an ongoing process.
  • Take care of yourself and ask for what you need.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Assault Office

I've been sexually assaulted...What do I do?

Joint Force HQ Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

1Lt Angela Lakey
Desk: 802-338-3149
After hours: 802-324-9225
Email: 1LT Angela N. Lakey

158th Fighter Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

LtCol Jeffrey Rector
Email: LtCol Jeffrey Rector

86th IBCT Victim Advocates

SFC Maureen Houston

SFC Lela Placey

SFC Matthew Miller

124th RTI Unit Victim Advocates

SSG Jason Cleveland

SFC Theresa Hoisington
Email: SFC Theresa Hoisington

Joint Force HQ Unit Victim Advocate (R&R)

SSG Shannon Roberts

Garrison Support Command

W01 Matthew Reed

SFC David Huff

158th FW Unit Victim Advocates

MSgt Doris Reynolds

TSgt Tammi Lemay

24 Hour Vermont State Sexual Assault Hotline


24 hour DoD Safe Helpline Hotline

Call: 877-995-5247
Text: 55-247